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Two white performers in performance


In the corner, your hands are on the small of my back and I pour into you, churning, through my skin and into yours. Finding the brim, building a bridge, sending a message, kneading the seam, unfolding and reversing. A rush of water penetrates the silence, cleaving stillness in two, and we tumble in slow motion upwards, roaring, spilling toward and away.

A portal opens.

Summoning is a free workshop facilitated by Es Morgan (they/she) and Joseph Morgan Schofield (they/them). Kinship is, for Joseph and Es, a mode of summoning and a commitment to the continual co-forging of selfhood. This commitment could be understood as the currency of meaningful relationships.

In their recent collaboration, Es and Joseph have positioned kinship as the means by which their sensate experiences of having trans* bodies are produced. In treating their own pre-existing intimacy, kinship and knowledge function as materials, their collaboration explores how relationships can be deepened and experienced anew through performance. This understanding has foregrounded their exploration of partnership, sensation, desire, devotion and summoning.

Summoning is open to pairs of artists with a pre-existing relationship – be they kin, lovers, or carers; new connections or committed collaborators. Artists should apply together. The session will be split in two. In the morning, Es and Joseph will guide pairs through a series of playful and experiential scores derived from their creative process, grounded in movement, listening, and touch. In the afternoon, pairs will be invited to share something from their own practice with each other, and Es and Joseph will offer ways into conversation, writing, exchange and transformation. 

The artists intend that Summoning is a space in which consent is foregrounded and risk and experimentation are valued. Their aim is to hold space for participants to deepen their knowledge of each other, expanding their individual and collective practices.

Joseph Morgan Schofield (they/them, b. 1993, Rochdale, UK) uses performance, moving image, writing and curation to create ‘queer ritual action’ which explores desire, grief, ecology and the wilding of queer and trans* futurity. Their practice is relational, emerging through encounters between the sweating, wanting, sensate non-binary body and a host of human/other-than agents. Gathering and facilitation are central to Joseph’s practice, and their artistic work also involves curating, producing, mentoring and teaching. Joseph has convened FUTURERITUAL since 2017. As a facilitator, Joseph has co-led a number of expansive workshop projects, including FUTURERITUAL: MYTHIC TIME with VestAndPage, and The Sunday Skool for Misfits, Experimenters and Dissenters (VSSL studio). With Benjamin Sebastian, Joseph is the co-founder and co-director of VSSL studio and the co-director of ]performance s p a c e[. josephmorganschofield.com / futureritual.co.uk

Es Morgan (they/she) creates performances as containers for language and movement, which co-exist on their own terms, without hierarchy or resolution. Made for theatres, clubs, galleries, and film, these works emerge in response to an array of interests: queer and post-work futures, poetry, tarot and far-left politics, funnelled through their shifting experiences of transness, intimacy, desire and longing. esmorgan.com

Friday 20 May 2022, 11am – 4:30pm, Studio

How to Join

Summoning will take place between 11am and 4.30pm on Friday 20 May. The workshop will be held at the ICA as part of the FUTURERITUAL programme.

To participate, please complete this brief google form - the form asks for bios from each artist and up to 100 words about your relationship. The deadline for expressions of interest in the workshop is Thursday 5 May (end of day). Preference will be given to queer and trans* people.


There is step-free access to the studio. 
The studio is ventilated. 
There will be a maximum of 14 people in the space. 
The workshop will have breaks.

Full access information available here