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Institute of Contemporary Arts

NX FUIMO is a choreographic spell, a trajectory, a journey through thresholds of alienation, intensity, connection and resistance.

it is the second piece of a triptych initiated with FIEBRE (2018), which experiments with embodiment practices around the sexual organs, the idea of erotic union, the cohabitation of complex emotions and self-pleasure. in slang nos fuimos is an expression which announces that the departure has already started or that we have gone beyond. here, it is the result of a radical fictionalisation of bodies. imagine: one and the same channel connects all the vital functions related to the lower abdomen and the cloaca, the sexual organ from which the erotic force is drawn. provided with these body-fictions, the dances are embodied in individuality and meet synchrony in the group and become a purge, cleansing and space for mutual support. NX FUIMO opens a liminal space-time where connection and contamination triumphs through vibrations, wind and emotions.

the work has a strong inspiration and connection to Dancehall and aims to make different types of connections/exchanges with that dance-scene/culture. the choreographer stays open for any kind of discussion around this topic and cultural appropriation. 

Concept & choreography: Tamara Alegre
Dance & choreography: Élie Autin, Marga Alfeirão, Cuba, Tamara Alegre,
Dance: Malik Nashad Sharpe
Music: Dinamarca & Talisto (with a remix of Throat by Gage) + various remix: Soraya Lutangu
Bonaventure + final edits and one track from An early 2K20 post-club experience: GOLCE
Costumes: Abrenos Tanga
Costumes research: Giulia Essyad
Scenography: Ceylan Östürk
Make up workshop: Chaïm Vischel
Choreography advice: Lydia Ö Diakité
External eye: Karina Sarkissova
Lights & technique: Celine Ribeiro Castro and Sel Dir Melaizi
Presentation text: Valentina D'avenia with Tamara Alegre
Photos & video work: Gaïa Lamarre
Production, administration: FUEGO CONTIGO
Distribution: partner in crime
Co-production: Arsenic - Lausanne, MDT – Stockholm
Partners: Ville de Lausanne, Loterie Romande, Fondation SIS
Special thanks: Eytana Acher, Ali-Eddine Abdelkhalek, Manu Amina 

Tamara Alegre (she/her) works with dance and choreography. Born in Gran Canaria, she studied European Business and Psychology and worked as an underground music curator, dj and tour manager until 2016. In 2018, she obtained an MA in Choreography at DOCH, Stockholm and premiered FIEBRE, co-signed since 2019, with Lydia Ö Diakité, Marie Ursin, Nunu Flashdem and Célia Lutangu. The work has been presented in several venues in Europe and won the Young Choreographers Award in 2021. Her research revolves around sensual embodiments, fictions on sexuality/sexual organs and liminal physical states as choreographic tools. Her works are embodied and charged with resistance, intensity, self-pleasure and the power of dancing together. Tamara has a growing passion for Dancehall and questions how to position themselves as a white person having access to black culture. As well as how to navigate between their scenic work and Dancehall. She is currently a resident artist at Arsenic, Lausanne, where she will soon premier 1guh watch, a first collaborative work with Jamaican artists on stage. The combination of working as a dancer, making work, hosting workshops and being involved in collaborative practices is essential for her.
Elie Autin (she/her) joined the Manufacture HES-SO (Lausanne) in 2016 in contemporary Dance. During her studies, various artistic encounters took place. David Zambrano invites her to present a dance solo at the opening of the Tic Tac Art Center in Brussels. Also as a model and photo model, Élie works with Timon Imveldt, Daniel Bolliger, Mikael Vilchez, the Agapornis brand as well as other photographers and fashion designers...These different experiences in dance and modeling allows her to evolve in different environments while remaining close to the body. Directly after graduating from their Bachelor, Elie worked on various artistic creations and productions as a performer, but also as a creator and co-creator of certain pieces. She is now touring with her solo show « Présage » after having worked with Tamara Alegre, Natasza Gerlach, Juliette Uzor, Nagi Gianni, Alexandre Doublet and others. She exhibited her first sculpture installation at a group exhibition at La Rada in Locarno, Switzerland and presented a solo exhibition in Zurich.
Marga Alfeirão (she/her) uses media to carve safe-spaces for the exploration of intimacy and sexuality through dance and performance. Heavily influenced by dance genres and sound textures from the African diaspora disseminated through Lisbon’s social tissue, she attempts an active claim of womanhood, crossing the exercise of sensuality in public and private space. Graduated from HZT’s BA in dance and choreography in Berlin (2017-2021), she is seeking to combine social dancing settings with her artistic work, together with her dance collective AMIGAS, they look to start a dance space to host formats for interdisciplinary art, in Berlin.

Cuba (she/her) is a multidisciplinary dancer and singer based in Alicante. Beginning with an urban dance training, she specialized in Twerk and joined the Twerk Up collective. She became a teacher of this practice and subsequently collaborated with multiple artists such as Kid Keo, Kalash Krimiel, Jedet and others on video clips and during tours. Cuba also works as a stripper in Miami and is currently a dancer for the international tour of Karol G.
Malik Nashad Sharpe (he/they) is an award-winning choreographer and movement
director known for his provocative and formally engaging performance works that address themes of violence, alienation, horror, melancholia, and the horizon. He frequently choreographs underneath his alias, Marikiscrycrycry. He has received commissions and shown his work at venues and festivals across the U.K., Europe, and Canada, and is currently an Associate Artist at The Place and a studio resident of Somerset House Studios. He has held artistic residencies at Sadlers Wells, Barbican, Performance Situation Room, Dance4, Duckie, and Tate Modern. He holds a BA in Experimental Dance with highest honors from Williams College and a certificate in Contemporary Dance from Trinity Laban Conservatoire for Music and Dance, where he won the Simone Michele Prize for Outstanding Choreography. 

This production is support by Pro Helvetia and Swiss Cultural Fund UK.

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08:00 pm
Fri, 16 Aug 2024
Cinema 1
08:00 pm
Sat, 17 Aug 2024
Cinema 1

● This show contains partial nudity
● This show has loud bass, loud sound and flashing lights
● This show is approximately 60 minutes long
● There will be different options for seating: floor seating and some hardback chairs  

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