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OpenAREA: Flock Together x ICA
Institute of Contemporary Arts
OpenAREA, 2024

As part of its mission to make you rethink what nature means to you, OpenAREA creates new landscapes by taking the sounds we all know from the spaces we share and transforming them into something new.

With the stage set for the most exciting talent to push their own boundaries, join the extended Flock Together community, who have been redefining expectations around the outdoors since 2020, as they take this trip into the unfamiliar. Part art, part celebration: a totally new take on nature.

Line Up:
Delta by Coby Sey
Curation & performance by Roxanne Tataei
DJ set by M00dtapes
OpenAREA uses art and creativity to reframe how we see nature. Even when we are not in places that are traditionally considered the outdoors, we hear nature's echoes in everything around us. This is an exercise in identifying, unveiling and celebrating the ways in which nature permeates our lives. A new possibility for culture in the outdoors, platforming the next generation of creative minds to redefine the environments that shape us.

The creative energy that fuels Flock Together has seen it transform from a bird watching club into an essential driving force helping marginalised groups reap the benefits of the outdoors. Now, in its next chapter the focus is on using creativity as a tool to transform how we see nature. They have always platformed the best in POC creativity and now look to harness its power as a driver of change for society as a whole, creating events that are open to everyone.
07:00 pm
Wed, 21 Feb 2024

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