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Raving: Reading Group
Institute of Contemporary Arts

This monthly reading group digs into the elements of the collective, enthusiastic and hedonistic cultures that congregate around the practice of raving. The reading group is inspired by McKenzie Wark’s proposition that raving is an art and technique employed as a response to an ‘era of diminishing futures’.

Extending beyond the rave itself, it considers how the sensations and materials of raving - the fog, the lights, the dissociation and music - have started taking shape in contemporary art and culture.

Over six sessions this reading group reflects on what it means to rave in the contemporary moment. Why can raving feel like a conducive place for living, and how does it give us co-ordinates to defy time through sweat and heat?

The reading group includes close readings and discussions centred on key texts, works, footage and music. It’s advisable, but not mandatory to have looked at the material prior to the session. Discussion is encouraged!

Materials will be shared closer to the time of each session and will include the work of young boy dancing group, Eve Stainton, Mica Levi, Rebecca Salvadori, MacKenzie Wark, Marika Peura and DeForrest Brown Jr. amongst others.
Sara Sassanelli is Curator of Live at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) and associate of alternative education programme CONDITIONS. They have previously worked at Tate, Goldsmiths and the Royal Academy of Arts and have programmed events at Somerset House Studios, Southwark Platform, Guest Projects, Arts Admin, Fierce Festival and Block Universe. They are interested in dance and rave as philosophical projects.
Dates to be announced.