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London Korean Film Festival 2023
Institute of Contemporary Arts
Wed 8 – Tue 21 Nov 2023
  A Korean woman kneels on top of a forest path, holding a photo, showing it to a man below
My Lovely Angel 내겐 너무 소중한 너, dir. Lee Chang-won, Kwon Sung-mo, South Korea 2021, 100 min.

The London Korean Film Festival returns for its 18th edition in cinema venues across London, including the ICA.

With the biggest programme dedicated to Korean cinema outside of the country itself, the festival has an exciting programme of 40+ films across several strands including Cinema Now, Special Focus – KAFA 40 years anniversary, Women’s Voices, Forum and Special Screenings.

The full festival runs from 2 to 21 November. Programme available on the LKFF website

Three people walk playfully across wet sand at the beach

Wed 8 Nov, 6:30pm
Soulmate 소울메이트
Summoned to a gallery to see a giant hyperrealist sketch of herself, single mother Mi-so denies all knowledge of where Ha-eun, the mysterious woman responsible for the photo-like drawing, might be.

A Korean man with glasses concentrates, his hand on chin, while another sits in the back, closing his eyes and listening quietly to his headphones

Thu 9 Nov, 6:30pm
Nocturne 녹턴
A documentary by director Jeong Gwanjo that, over the course of 11 years, chronicles the relationships between Eun Seongho, a talented pianist who has autism spectrum disorder, his mother Minseo, and his younger brother Geongi.

Two young smiling Korean people stand by a wooden shack

Fri 10 Nov, 6:30pm
A Wing and a Prayer 동에 번쩍 서에 번쩍
Two roommates in Seoul make an impulsive, last minute decision to travel to Korea’s east coast.

Three Korean people look confused. They sit on a bench behind a huge rock statue

Sat 11 Nov, 8:20pm
A Wild Roomer 괴인
An awkward living arrangement sits at the centre of director Lee Jeong-hong’s slice-of-life debut feature.

    A man wheels an elderly woman on a wheelchair next to a grass field and hills

Sun 12 Nov, 2:30pm
Our Body 아워 바디
Ja-young has been preparing for her administrative examination for 8 years, and she is exhausted in both body and mind. One evening, she encounters a beautiful woman named Hyun-joo, and following her example, Ja-young takes up running.

    A young girl playfully places the tip of her finger into a man's palm

Tue 21 Nov, 6:20pm
My Lovely Angel 내겐 너무 소중한 너 + Q&A
Jae-sik is the owner of an event management company who poured his life’s savings into his work, only to be left drowning in debt. Following the sudden death of his employee Ji-young, Jae-sik finds himself the guardian of Ji-young’s 7-year-old daughter.