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Love Life
Institute of Contemporary Arts
Three people stand outside, mid-conversation. One of them holds a box which could be used to take an animal to the vet.
Love Life, dir. Kōji Fukada, Japan, France 2022. 123 min. Japanese, Korean with English subtitles. 12A

From the Cannes award-winning director of Harmonium, Kōji Fukada's new family drama Love Life is a beguiling, beautifully paced portrait of a family navigating the aftermath of a tragedy. 

Inspired by Japanese singer and musician Akiko Yano’s song “Love Life”, the film tells the story of Taeko (Fumino Kimura) and her husband Jiro (Kento Nagayama) who are living a peaceful existence with her young son Keita (Tetta Shimada), when a tragic accident brings the boy’s long-lost father, Park (Atom Sunada), back into Taeko’s life. To cope with the pain and guilt she feels after the accident, Taeko throws herself into helping this deaf and homeless man for whom she has a strong sense of responsibility.
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04:10 pm
Thu, 28 Sep 2023
Cinema 2

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