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RIDNE part 1 / Rybachka: Katarina Gryvul & Alex Guevara (live)
Institute of Contemporary Arts

CTM Festival for Adventurous Music & Art Berlin partners for a two-day programme, marking the first time the acclaimed festival arrives in the UK, testing the current possibilities and limits of music while supporting a wide range of artists and sound cultures.

The cinema programme, designed with Mariana Berezovska, the initiatives Standard Deviation × Remote Control, and presented together with the project Goethe-Institut in Exile, invites us to visualise the experiences and realities of people who have to defend themselves against war and state oppression in various places.
Standard Deviation × Remote Control bring us directly to Ukraine, where people continue to resist Russia’s brutal full-scale war of aggression. Their joint project RIDNE (Рідне, Ukrainian for ‘native/dear’) is a series of videos shot over 2022 and 2023 in various locations in the country. The videos, shot in first-person perspective, were set to music by musicians who are closely connected to the respective place shown in each video, whether it is their own hometown, a personal place of solace, or a place that symbolises something of their own experience of war. In the first part of RIDNE, tofudj walks through the ghostly darkness of the city of Kyiv, blacked-out by Russian bombing, while Diana Azzuz sets scenes on the border to Poland to music, reflecting on experiences of her own flight. Mykolaiv native bsw reimagines a walk through the ravaged streets of his city as a quest-like adventure. Odesa’s Undo Despot scores familiar city scenes including her usual beach spot, which no longer feels the same, and Kharkiv-based artist Panghoud guides us through the new realities of his hometown turned battleground.

Following the screenings will be a presentation of live AV works conceived by Borshch magazine co-founder Mariana Berezovska, under a wider project Rybachka. On the first evening, musician Katarina Gryvul collaborates with Peruvian multimedia artist Alex Guevara. The title Rybachka (Рибачка, Ukrainian for ‘the fisherman’s wife’) is borrowed from the poem of the same name by Lina Kostenko, one of Ukraine's most important poets. In it, Kostenko depicts a vivid expression of the state of having to endure persistent uncertainty, between fear and hope, as people in situations of war, crisis, and flight must endure time and again. As an ongoing project, Rybachka aims to bring together artists from different backgrounds in order to deconstruct pain together, to raise awareness of the less obvious consequences of war and violent conflicts, and to search for ways of healing through artistic means.
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06:30 pm
Fri, 20 Oct 2023
Cinema 1

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Katarina Gryvul. Photo: Jana Tolopilo
Rybachka: Katarina Gryvul & Alex Guevara
Alex Guevara. Photo: Camille Blake
RIDNE (Рідне)
RIDNE (Рідне)