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Celluloid Sunday
Institute of Contemporary Arts
An abstract shape of a strip of black celluloid

Since its inception as a platform for new works from emerging filmmakers and artists, the ICA Cinema has stayed at the forefront and adapted to the many technological evolutions and changes in industry standards. From analogue formats such as 35mm, 16mm, 8mm and VHS, the ICA gradually implemented and embraced digital formats as part of its operations such as DigiBeta, DVD, BluRay, and eventually DCP. Whilst the ICA embraced these technological evolutions it also preserved its capacity to screen films on formats that appeared outdated.

At a time of full automation across cinemas, the ICA Cinema remains manually operated, allowing the programme to keep presenting works of various forms, length and formats to its audiences.

Amongst thousands of the films shown at the ICA across the years, some original celluloid prints were kept and preserved on site, following their initial presentation. Many of those works are now difficult to find – some are forgotten or considered lost. Celluloid Sunday brings these works back to the screen, as an invitation to celebrate ICA’s legacy and discover these works as they were first intended to be seen, or indeed, to revisit them together.

Sunday 30 June, 4.30pm
Manufacturing Consent on 16mm
In this documentary, linguist and liberal political activist Noam Chomsky presents his thoughts on how the mass media works against democracy's best interests. Screening on a rare 16mm print from the ICA archive.

Past Programme

Sun 19 May 2024
Someone to Love

Sun 7 April 2024
Hibiscus Town on 35mm

Sun 18 February 2024
Rouge on 35mm

Sun 17 December 2023
The Black Cannon Incident on 35mm

Sun 3 December 2023
Dust on 35mm

Sun 29 October 2023
Summer Vacation 1999 on 35mm

Sun 3 September 2023
A Summer at Grandpa’s (冬冬的假期) on 35mm

Sun 13 August 2023
Circus Boys (二十世紀少年読本) on 35mm

Sun 23 July 2023
The Terrorizers (恐怖分子) on 35mm

Sun 9 July 2023
To Sleep So as to Dream on 16mm

Sun 11 Jun 2023
Madagascar Skin on 35mm

Sun 14 May 2023
1871 on 35mm

Sun 23 April 2023
Picnic on 35mm

Sun 2 April 2023 
Mädchen in Uniform on 16mm

Sun 5 March 2023
The Horse Thief on 35mm

Sun 19 February 2023 
Dust in the Wind on 35mm

Sun 22 January 2023
Zero Patience on 35mm

Sun 8 January 2023
The Blue Kite on 35mm

Sun 18 December 2022
Suture on 35mm

Sun 18 December 2022
Calendar on 16mm